Kings Community Nature Space

Edwards Technical Writing, whole-heartedly, supports the capital campaign to raise money to save this incredible urban greenspace.


Save Kings Community Nature Space on Bowker Creek

Non-profit organisationVictoria, British Columbia
We are fundraising $2.75 M to acquire a beautiful, 5.5 acre community nature space on Kings Road. This greenspace has been used for 60 years by our community, and residents from across the region.
Please donate at:

PLEASE ATTEND the CRD Parks and Environment Committee meeting. We need bodies in the room to show support!

Nov 27, 2019, 10:am
6th Floor Boardroom
625 Fisgard St.
Victoria, BC

  • Since 2009, Saanich Municipal District has contributed $39 M to CRD Parks, including $10 M towards the CRD Land Acquisition fund. During this time, no new CRD park land has been acquired within the municipality of Saanich.
  • The Kings Community Nature Space sits at the border of Oak Bay, Victoria and Saanich municipalities, and is used by residents of these 3 municipalities, as well as beyond as many commuters travel through the space.
  • The nature space is also used by Jubilee hospital staff, patients and families – and as part of our fundraising efforts we will work to green the pathway between the nature space and the hospital to provide ease of access and increased signage.
  • Saanich, Victoria and the CRD have declared a climate emergency. 5.5 acres of nature space in a rapidly densifying region provides an opportunity for tree planting, tree canopy protection, floodplain protection, etc.
  • Opportunity for an area of community gardens for local food production- there are none in our local area.

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