Persuasive Writing


Writing that informs, persuades, and convinces the reader of your point of view is incredibly useful!
Grant proposals                            Business proposals                      cover letters                       marketing materials

If your writing is informative, convincing, and engaging, you can clearly present your objectives. The range of applications for well written, persuasive documents includes grant proposals, business proposals, cover letters, applications, progress reports, resumes, and many more.
A well trained technical writer, such as Alison Edwards, can produce well-written persuasive documents.  Structured to combine emotion with logical evidence to present a problem and an impactful solution.

To convince people to hire you to do a project, and to reassure them that the project is going well.

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How does working with a technical writer actually work?

Working with a technical writer is a simple way to produce high quality documents quickly, and efficiently.

You are the client, so the service is centered around your needs. You are also the Subject Matter Expert (SME). The Technical Writer will use the information, provided by you, to craft a well-written document.

When you have identified that you need assistance producing a document:

Step 1.  Request a quote.

Step 2. Once we have discussed your documentation needs, we will agree on a         scope, cost, and timeline for the document.

Step 3. Sign a contract, and a mutual non-disclosure document.

Step 4 The technical writer produces a well-written document, based on your specifications.

Communication between the writer and the client is important. However, the writer will keep disruption to the client to an agreed minimum.

Research letter published in a medical journal

Here is the citation:

Edwards, A., Woods, V., 2018. Forest-based Therapy: Research Letter of a Novel Regime for improved Respiratory Health. Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal.  Vol. 17, No. 1, February 2018 pages 58 – 60

and a link:


How a Freelance Technical Writer Can Help Your Business

Businesses benefit from outsourcing technical writing projects.

Professional Writing
Professional technical writers such as Alison Edwards are experienced in and trained to communicate technical information. Their writing has good grammar and style, is detail oriented, accurate and efficient.

Project Management
Trained technical writers, such as Alison Edwards, can manage documentation projects for your business. A documentation plan incorporating scope, timeline, milestones and budget, will enable your business to save time producing the documentation. Your business gets high quality work, while saving time and money.

Save Time and Money
Outsourcing to a freelance technical writer enables your business to get work done by a specialist on a project-by-project basis. Professionals such as Alison Edwards can provide detailed cost estimates that include only the hours worked on your project. This keeps ancillary costs (benefits, sick/vacation pay and training) low.