I run a laptop, a second monitor, a desk fan, a desk light, and charge my phone on solar power. I can run a printer, but I try not to, because its a waste of energy when I can easily work on a screen.

What I bought:

I bought the explorer160 Power Station first, and decided that I wanted more power outlets, and more storage capacity; So I bought a second, bigger power station – the Explorer500. My original set-up cost less than $600, and was completely adequate for a home office. I have no regrets about buying a second power station, because I use it for camping, and when there is a blackout, or an earthquake, I will have power 🙂

I have both portable power generators sitting on my desk (see above) and switch the connector cable (from the solar panel) between them throughout the day. When the battery charge is 100% on one, I charge the other. I keep an eye on the battery levels to make sure neither one ever reaches zero.

I bought the solar panel from a local company, on the island, called ‘We Go Solar’, and am very happy with their service!

I bought the power stations from Amazon.ca

Jackery Explorer 500:
Lithium battery power: 518Wh/144,400mAh
battery capacity, 500W Rated Power and 1000W Surge Power from the pure-sine wave AC port.

Jackery Explorer 160:
can charge from USB Type-C, USB and AC outlet.
rechargeable lithium-ion batteries providing 167 watt-hours of energy storage.

The explorer 160 has a type C USB port, but does not have a pure sine wave inverter. The Jackery 500 has a pure sine wave inverter, and three USB ports, none of which are Type C.

Saronic 100Watt 12V Poly Crystaline Solar Panel, with cable and clips +taxes = $248.29 CAD

My 100 W Saronic solar panel

I am very happy with my solar powered office. I like that I can work during a blackout. I live and work in a seismically active area, and consider this to be part of my earthquake kit!

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