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  • Technical Writing

Technical writing is writing that uses complex information, and produces documentation that is clear, concise, unambiguous, and readable by a specific audience.

Edwards Technical Writing works with clients (typically other businesses) to produce high quality documentation, that represents your business professionally and helps to achieve your objectives.

  • large pile of documentsEditing

Editing of technical documents, is essentially a review of the text that looks for errors, often using a specific style guide.

The levels of edit vary by project, and include checks for consistency, ambiguity, grammatical correctness, citations and references, first mention of abbreviations, formatting and style.

Edwards Technical Writing uses up to seven levels of edit for technical documents. These levels include:

  1. Policy Edit,
  2. Integrity Edit,
  3. Format Edit,
  4. Copy Clarification Edit,
  5. Mechanical Style Edit
  6. Language Edit, and
  7. Substantive Edit.

The time taken for editing technical documents depends on the levels of editing needed for the project, and maturity of the document. This will be reflected in the cost.

These levels of edit are based on training received by Alison, at Mount Royal University, and are loosely based on materials developed by Warren Clendining Copyright © 2004, 2009


Fig 1: Pie chart of Deliverables by Edwards Technical Writing.

The best technical documents are often highly data-driven. Alison’s postgrad training in scientific research (MSc. UVic) provided her with excellent quantitative skills; such as writing code in the statistical software  ‘R’ to produce high quality statistical figures (Figs 1 and 2).

  • RFP Responses

The primary deliverables of Edwards Technical Writing are proposals. Particularly Request for Proposal (RFP) responses (Fig 1).

If your business wants to provide a service to the government; you need to have a plan for the way that you are going to provide that service. A technical writer, that is trained in producing RFP responses, can work with you to co-create a compelling document. This is important for a winning bid.

Edwards Technical writing will work with you—strategically—to produce a proposal that documents how you are going to do the work; detailed in the Statement of Work (SOW); or the performance Work Statement (PWS) of the RFP. By highlighting your competitive advantage, providing data-driven win themes, value propositions, and documenting your strengths with examples of past performance; together we will co-create a compelling, compliant and strategic proposal worthy of winning a competitive government contract.  

  • Grant Proposals

In addition to proposals in response to RFPs; Edwards Technical Writing is also skilled at producing grant proposals for non-profit grant funding. These are produced using logic models to create compelling narratives that describe the impacts and outcomes of projects in relation to proposed activities and their costs. Alison is experienced at writing a range of fundraising documents, and prepares sponsorship packages, that are both compelling and eye-catching.

  • Policies and Procedures

  • User Guides and Training Manuals

  • Technical Reports


Edwards Technical Writing provides services for clients in a wide range of industries.

Fig 2: Clustered Bar Graph showing sectors served by Edwards Technical Writing (2018 – 2021). 

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