Edwards Technical Writing is a professional writing business, based in Victoria, B. C., on Canada’s west coast.
Mission and vision
Edwards Technical Writing creates high quality documentation that contains complex information. Documents are clear, concise, readable; Have good style, are well-formatted, and grammatically correct.

**Our Story and who we are**

Edwards Technical Writing was founded, in early 2018, by Alison Edwards. During the last this time she has written, reviewed, and edited a variety of:  grant proposals, business proposals, business plans, operational processes, scientific reports and academic documents.

Alison has a strong scientific background, and has earned an MSc, in aquatic ecology, from the University of Victoria. Her research focused on concentrations of heavy metal contaminants (mercury and arsenic) in commercial rockfish from British Columbia, and combined non-linear statistical models, stable isotope ratios of carbon and nitrogen, and exposure scenarios for her thesis titled ‘Spatial and ecological patterns of mercury and arsenic concentrations in Pacific Ocean Perch (Sebastes alutus) from British Columbia.

Alison has industry experience. She worked in Calgary, as a consultant to the Oil and Gas industry; Where she worked on an ESA Writing Task Team, writing Environmental and Socio-Economic Assessments (ESAs) filed with a federal regulator.

Alison is a certified Technical Writer, she studied technical writing at Mount Royal University, and earned her certificate in 2017.

Alison has also earned certificates in Social Media Marketing (North Western University on Coursera); Grant Proposals (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology on Coursera); and Community Leadership (Leadership Victoria).

Read Alisons interview by Ulysses Aganon here


Professional Memberships:

Greater Vancouver Board of Trade

Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce

Your Entrepreneurial Society

Editors Canada

Global organization and Vancouver Island Branch

Society for Technical Communication

Global organization and Canada Wrst Coast Chapter

Association of Fundraising Professionals
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