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It's official; I'm a Slayer, and I have the certificate!
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    Edwards Technical Writing was founded in 2018 by Alison Edwards.
    Alison has a strong academic background in science (aquatic ecology) with post secondary degrees from the United Kingdom and Canada. Her Masters thesis (UVic) investigated concentrations of heavy metal contaminants in rockfish from British Columbia.

Alison is experienced at working on writing teams. She has worked in Alberta’s oil and gas industry, writing ESAs (Environmental and Socio-Economic Assessments) filed with a federal regulator.

On Vancouver Island Alison has working with local non-profits; and is adept at writing compelling narratives for fundraising documents (sponsorship packages and grant proposals).

After earning her certificate in Technical Writing (Mount Royal University, Alberta); Alison has earned additional certificates in writing proposals (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology on Coursera), How to Slay an RFP Response (Society of Technical Communication), and Community Leadership (Leadership Victoria).

 Affiliations and Memberships:

  • Association of Proposal Management Professionals (2022 – )
  • Society for Technical Communication (STC) (2020 – )
    • STC Canada West Coast Chapter (2020 – 2022)
      • Student Outreach Coordinator (2020 – 2022)
      • Social Media Coordinator (2022 – 2022)
    • STC Rochester Chapter (2022 – )
      • Council Member and PR Manager (2022 – )
    • STC South Central Texas Chapter (2022 – )
      • Council Member and Social Media Coordinator (2022 – )
    • Editors Canada (2021 – )

    • Greater Vancouver Board of Trade (2021 – 2022)

    • Association of Fundraising Professionals (2019 – 2021)
    • Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce (2018 – 2021)


Why:crown braid head shot
After the 2016 collapse in oil prices, and the resulting downturn in Alberta’s economy, Alison returned to British Columbia, and founded Edwards Technical Writing.

If producing a high quality RFP response is a barrier preventing you from winning competitive government contracts; Edwards Technical Writing can help you.

Edwards Technical Writing works with clients to co-create one-of-a-kind proposals – as bids for government contracts.
Alison will work with you to produce proposals that are compliant, and compelling. Providing strategies that represent your business’ value and deliver high quality bids.

Edwards Technical Writing aims to provide authentic, genuine client-value.



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Call Alison on 250 704 4439 to learn more.

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