Nominated for a Business Award

Edwards Technical Writing is very happy to have been nominated in the category of New Business in the 2020 Greater Victoria Business Awards.

This is a great opportunity to highlight the hard work, value, and determination, that has gone into creating this business. A business that was built from scratch, and has grown over the last two years. Working with the non-profit community, as a business, and as a volunteer, and planning for a sustainable future.


Second Business Birthday

2nd Bday

Happy second birthday to Edwards Technical Writing.

As I celebrate my second “business birthday”, I look back and reflect on lessons learned, achievements, and plans for the future.

I have been nominated for a Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce Business Award!

                                                      **** Woo hoo ****

I am busy, and cannot take on any new clients until March; That is a substantial achievement, as I started the business from scratch, with no clients.

I am working on a writing contract for the federal government (Department of Fisheries and Oceans in Ottawa). This is not only incredibly interesting work, but is in the field that I earned an MSc. Scientific writing is something that I enjoy, am good at, and makes me happy!

Writing grant proposals also makes me excited! And its grant season in Victoria! With deadlines either just passed, or imminent for the City of Victoria and the Victoria Foundation.

Business is good!


Plans for the future? Making my business carbon neutral? I’m still figuring out conceptually how this is going to look. If your business is carbon neutral, send me an email, and we can go for coffee, and brainstorm ways to reduce our businesses carbon footprint.

Happy early February everybody!







Grant Preparation Season


Grant Season

  • Is your Grants Calendar up-to-date?
  • Do you have an up-to-date spreadsheet of prospective grant funders?
  • Do your projects have great wording that describes their impact, outcomes and outputs?
  • Do you have a logic model?
  • Are your mission and vision statements top-notch?
  • Do you need to hire a local Grant Writer?

The Victoria Foundations’ Community Grant application window opens February 3, 2020, and closes March 2, 2020.

………….. call Alison Edwards, the owner of Edwards Technical Writing

(250 704 4439)



Kings Community Nature Space

Edwards Technical Writing, whole-heartedly, supports the capital campaign to raise money to save this incredible urban greenspace.


Save Kings Community Nature Space on Bowker Creek

Non-profit organisationVictoria, British Columbia
We are fundraising $2.75 M to acquire a beautiful, 5.5 acre community nature space on Kings Road. This greenspace has been used for 60 years by our community, and residents from across the region.
Please donate at:

PLEASE ATTEND the CRD Parks and Environment Committee meeting. We need bodies in the room to show support!

Nov 27, 2019, 10:am
6th Floor Boardroom
625 Fisgard St.
Victoria, BC

  • Since 2009, Saanich Municipal District has contributed $39 M to CRD Parks, including $10 M towards the CRD Land Acquisition fund. During this time, no new CRD park land has been acquired within the municipality of Saanich.
  • The Kings Community Nature Space sits at the border of Oak Bay, Victoria and Saanich municipalities, and is used by residents of these 3 municipalities, as well as beyond as many commuters travel through the space.
  • The nature space is also used by Jubilee hospital staff, patients and families – and as part of our fundraising efforts we will work to green the pathway between the nature space and the hospital to provide ease of access and increased signage.
  • Saanich, Victoria and the CRD have declared a climate emergency. 5.5 acres of nature space in a rapidly densifying region provides an opportunity for tree planting, tree canopy protection, floodplain protection, etc.
  • Opportunity for an area of community gardens for local food production- there are none in our local area.