How a Freelance Technical Writer Can Help Your Business

Businesses benefit from outsourcing technical writing projects.

Professional Writing
Professional technical writers such as Alison Edwards are experienced in and trained to communicate technical information. Their writing has good grammar and style, is detail oriented, accurate and efficient.

Project Management
Trained technical writers, such as Alison Edwards, can manage documentation projects for your business. A documentation plan incorporating scope, timeline, milestones and budget, will enable your business to save time producing the documentation. Your business gets high quality work, while saving time and money.

Save Time and Money
Outsourcing to a freelance technical writer enables your business to get work done by a specialist on a project-by-project basis. Professionals such as Alison Edwards can provide detailed cost estimates that include only the hours worked on your project. This keeps ancillary costs (benefits, sick/vacation pay and training) low.


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